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Radio Chiriqui 106.9 FM Radio en vivo

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Radio Chiriqui 106.9 FM is a popular radio station located in David, Panamá. The channel serves the entire Chiriqui province and neighboring regions with a wide range of programming that includes news, sports, music, and talk shows. The station's website is a great resource for listeners looking to keep up-to-date with local and national news, as well as a place to interact with other listeners and learn more about the station's programs.

Some of the programs available on Radio Chiriqui 106.9 FM include "El Despertar Panameño," a morning news and talk show hosted by Ariel Briceño and "El Dominio de la Tarde," an afternoon program featuring the latest news, interviews, and music.

The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with a diverse range of content to cater to different audiences throughout the day. Whether you're looking for news, music, sports, or talk shows, Radio Chiriqui 106.9 FM has something for everyone.
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Escuchar Radio Chiriqui 106.9 FM en la app radio.net